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Does technology slow you down?

We help mentors, coaches, and businesses leverage technology to create content, speed up their workflow, and craft messages that target their audience.

All done in plain language so everyone can access these new superpowers.

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Welcome to

Help Desk Studio

Leveraging technology, on the human level.

As a solo entrepreneur or small business you can't just call down to the help desk. Now you can with Help Desk Studio! As an entrepreneur of over a decade myself, I, Michael Kent, have always been the goto tech support for my creative and business friends. Help Desk is just a more structured way for your business to benefit from my nerdiness.

Get the help you need, to get your life back on track

Create Video With Confident Authority

Audio, Video, Lighting, and Messaging for coaches and mentors that want to speak clearly to their audience.

Human-Focused Tech Consulting

Streamline the tech in your life and your work, in a way that benefits your life, not complicates it.

AI Consulting

Learn to deeply understand how to use AI technology to enhance and streamline the human aspects of your business.

Cloud Based Backups

Make your work and your assets available to you and your team from anywhere.
What are you building?

Removing the hurdles between your message, and your audience, together.

Drawing on decades of experience as photographers, tech nerds, teachers, educators, and human beings, we develop systems to help you get from where you are to where you need to be. We aim to remove pain points and distractions that might hinder your ability to connect with your audience. Thus we came up with our idea for Help Desk Studio, where Michael can refine your systems, answer your questions, and keep you up to date on the latest helpful technology.

Ready to dig in?

Whether you are the “go it alone” or “gimme some help” type, we have options to help you get access to the tools you need.

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“hands on help” type?