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Technology Consulting that speaks on your level

Get rid of that Tech Gremlin in your life!

Help When You Need It!

Technology Consulting that speaks on your level

When you are stuck, fighting a technology gremlin, instead of focusing on your work, technology is officially slowing you down.
As a solo entrepreneur or small business you can't just call down to the help desk. Now you can with Help Desk Studio!


Years of experience in tech, photo, and small business building


Fires put out, learning what not to do

Select your level of help

You know what you need help on, even if you don’t know exactly how to fix them. We are here to help, you can be in control of how. Don’t know? Sign up for a free DISCOVERY CALL to let us help you figure out how we can help.

Basic Help



1 hour focused zoom call

Zoom Guided Course


/course + zoom hours

Take one of our self-directed courses, but get a little help before and after.

Self-directed course



Our self-directed courses are designed to be easy-to-follow, rich with content, and full of worksheets and print outs to keep you moving forward.

basic help zoom call michael

Basic Help Zoom Call

help from home

A one hour video, where we can get straight to the point and dig into anything you wish. This starts after a discovery call and then research on our side, so we can be focused and to the point.

focus on what matters to you

we can discuss pretty much anything, common topics are: audio/video/lighting for studios, content creation workflows, basic tech support, streamlining your business technology to make your systems more modern and efficient.

$197 for a 1 hour, focused help session

Zoom Guided Course

The best of both worlds

A little self-direction, but with an expert to help make sure you are implementing everything correctly.

  • 30 onboarding chat to get you ready to use the course
  • full access to the course
  • 2 1-hour zoom sessions to help you implement the course content

$597 for the course plus zoom hours

Simple Studio Course

More of the “self-directed” type? Take our simple studio course and get all the ins outs and tips needed to build a simple-yet-professional studio in your home, office, or anywhere you need.

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