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Self-directed courses

Investing in a self-directed course like “Simple Studio” offers you the power to elevate your content creation to professional levels at your own pace. Guided by expert advice, you’ll transform an accessible space into a dedicated studio with simple, easy-to-acquire items. This investment not only enhances the quality of your content with improved audio, lighting, and aesthetics, but also empowers you with the confidence and knowledge to create compelling content, giving your work the edge it needs to stand out in today’s digital landscape.

Simple Studio Course

A self-directed course to help you create clear, focused, and captivating video content and live streams with simple, yet professional audio and video, while removing distractions that take away from your message

Build Your Hub

Your hub is your personal studio, a creative space that allows you to create engaging content that resonates with your audience, speak from the heart, and create messages that truly connect.

Build something uniquely YOURS!


Here you can expect to learn:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Streaming and Recording Technology
  • Simple Video Production Workflow
  • Camera Confidence

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Computers? Cameras? AI? We have a lot in the pipe, but everything is designed for real human beings.

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Get ready for something new! 

Get ready for something new! 

Get ready for something new! 

Get ready for something new! 

Get ready for something new! 

Get ready for something new!