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Record clear and clean audio

Create audio that not only engages, but allows you to repurpose your audio for other thing.


Capture crisp video

Leave the 1990s webcam behind, and create visual content that transcends your competition and engages your audience.


Create beautiful lighting

Whether natural or artificial light, be seen in your best, most flattering light.


Select Your space

What to look for, and what to avoid when you are selecting your space.


Gather the right equipment

A list of the kinds of equipment you will need to create your space.


Get creating today

Get going with a basic, yet easy-to-follow workflow, and get creating today.


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Michael Stewart Patrick Kent

Your friendly tech geek, working hard to bring the magic of the modern age to everyone, regardless of technical ability.

I am a coffee loving, extroverted nerd who is always ready for a great conversation. I dream big, I’m terrible at directions, yet I can explain in detail how a black hole works. People describe me as a golden retriever and a camp counselor, which I take as the highest of compliments.

Based in Traverse City, MI, on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, I live with my loving family. I started my career as a professional photographer with my wife Brooke Allen, taking people on hikes to some of the most beautiful areas in the Midwest.

HDS, and our courses, are my way of bringing technology to those that do not currently have the luxury being tech minded. With my tech communication skills I have the unique ability to help people reach their potential.

Years Solving

Tech Problems

Professionally solving problems for our team, and for others.

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